Fiil Carat

INTRODUCTION Removing the earphones from the box to charge them, the first thing that came to mind was, “That thing it tiny… Hopefully I don’t drop it. Ever.” The charging port plug is the smallest component to any device I've ever used. To Fiil’s credit, they include an extra charging plug in the box, but … Continue reading Fiil Carat


Hearing Protection

Isolation: As ear "filter" rather than plugs, the Dubs are ventilated and don't feel like they are creating a seal with the ear canal. As such, they are appropriate for use when at a concert hall or cinema, as the sound is not muffled, due to all frequencies being blocked more equally than the other … Continue reading Hearing Protection

Rock and Sky – Moab UT

Full Album: Images: Auto 50MP Interpolated (ColorOS), Photoshop RAW, Photoshop RAW, Auto Tools: OnePlus One, 13MP, f/2.0, ColorOS & Stock App (CyanogenOS Camera), Adobe Camera RAW Copyleft: RAW .DNG files are included in many of these albums. You are free to use, create derivative works of, print, distribute, and republish these photos and files, provided you pass along the same freedom concerning said derivative … Continue reading Rock and Sky – Moab UT

Project 8 – Brochure – ThinkPad Design Description: Gate-fold brochure detailing some of the design principles used in ThinkPad laptops. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Using a template with ruler guides set up in class, I wrote the text for the copy after browsing the Lenovo design blog, and thinking about how different components in my laptop could relate to nature. Simple … Continue reading Project 8 – Brochure – ThinkPad Design