Demonstrate good photography and image editing skills. Incorporating color into a poster layout with original photo.

After learning how to shoot outside without blowing the sky out, I decided to work on getting a photo with a color scheme more complex than complimentary. I landed on split complementary with blue from the sky and purple from the petals on the tree contrasting the tan/brick color of the building. Spot focus was used to get detail with the central column of the Taylor building at BYU-Idaho. It was overcast after rain, and a lot of detail could be seen in the sky since it wasn’t harsh light.

After capturing the picture, Photoshop was used to add vibrance, and a custom levels curve to make light parts lighter without ruining the mid-tones or making the darker regions too dark. To get the Taylor building to look more tan, the selection painter was used with low values to only select the brick. Using Shift+click I added some of the areas between the leaves to the region I wanted to edit. Selective color was then used to change the light gray tones to more of an orange/tan color.

To create the color swatches, I used the square tool to make three squares in each corner. The top left was where the audiences eyes started, so I make those slightly smaller, mixed the colors, and labeled them as well, with half the text coming out of the boxes. For the text I put some in the top right, and then repeated the style on the bottom left, putting “in” inside the box, and slightly increasing the font size to suggest “UP.”

Most students look down on foundations religion courses, and see them as a hoop to jump through. The message here was to convince students to aspire to something more, and look up and forward to these courses.

BYU-Idaho students, particularly incoming freshman.

Top Thing Learned:
Learning how to make a picture brighter and more vibrant in post production was very useful, as the original image has a very dark sky.

Color scheme:
Split Complimentary

Color names:
Brick/Tan, Blue, and Purple

Color Label Font:
Sans Serif, Narrow

Title & Text Font:
Old-style, Serif

Original Thumbnail:
2014:04:16 | 01:29 PM



One thought on “Project 3: Photodesign

  1. Good job on the thought you put into the placement and size of letters in your design as you described in your post. I see you used a bit of the rule of odds by using a pattern of three brick squares in each corner of your picture. Victoria West uses the same rule in her blog. Check it out at http://toripw5.wordpress.com/

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