A montage pushing sound quality and an obscure set of studio headphones that embody good sound. Masks are used to fade and blend images.


  1. Pull images from Google and place on a black background. Ensure at least 1080*1920 resolution.
  2. Arrange with overlapping edges, and use a black mask over each layer to allow ‘painting in’ one at a time.
  3. Where there are edges, leave things more transparent.
  4. Make areas that are focal points fully opaque to catch attention, as seen with the sound board and headphone emblem.
  5. Text was aligned with the soundboard and skewed using the transform tool to make it appear more 3 dimensional.
  6. The color level tool was applied to a layer placed over the top of the sound decal on the bottom left to make it green rather than yellow.
  7. A narrower font was used, matching that used by AKG to have the viewer associate it with the companies branding.

Message: Good sound is not an opinion… The AKG Q701 embodies good sound, period.
Audience: Audiophiles, as well as those who are into sound technology, mixing, engineering, etc.

Colorized/Filter applied and where: Masks were applied to all images, as well as behind the white text to add black for contrast. The yellow decal on the bottom right was converted to green using a colorizing layer.
Color scheme : Monochromatic
Color name:  Lime

Top thing learned: How to use a mask to make non-destructive and gradual edits to the edge transparency of multiple overlapping images.

Quote Font Name & Category:  Minion Pro Bold, Sans Serif
Font #2 Name & Category: Microgamma Narrow, Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:


akg-q701 white

red yellow green waveform sharpsound mixer sliders





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