Gate-fold brochure detailing some of the design principles used in ThinkPad laptops.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

Using a template with ruler guides set up in class, I wrote the text for the copy after browsing the Lenovo design blog, and thinking about how different components in my laptop could relate to nature.

Simple on the outside, and complex on the inside, I chose a simple logo that I created in Adobe Illustrator. This was placed on the front cover, along with the hinge elements and the words “Laptops by Lenovo” to clarify what the brochure was about to unfamiliar audience members. After laying things out on a black background, images were needed.

Initially I was going to use all pictures, so I found and selected a few: an SSD, CPU, and RAM. These were placed in the brochure in InDesign, and outlined with a white shadow to increase their contrast on the page. Additionally, they were cut out so that there wasn’t any chunky white background breaking the flow with lines and boxes.

The logo was made in Illustrator by using the MicroGramma font and skewing it over the top of a similarly transformed polygon placed under “Think” to resemble the unfolding of a laptop. To emphasize the arc this would make, and to add some color and visual flair, I drew a proportional arc from the top of the first stroke of the K in “Think” down to the bottom right edge of the parallelogram.

Message: ThinkPads are better designed and more capable than most any other line of laptops. Additionally, those familiar with industry slogans and specifications will note the subtle, yet pointed competitor target: Macbooks made by Apple. (EX: Apple says “Think Different,” while this design implies that they saying is old or incorrect by saying “Think New.”

Audience: Power users and people entering the technology industry looking for a competitive laptop. Also, technology enthusiasts who have never heard of ThinkPads, but know how computers work.

Top Thing Learned: I like longer words, and sometimes use far too many of them. The body copy for this project was nearly cut in half, eliminating two of the five design principles I wished to detail.

Color Scheme: Instead of using a color scheme, I ‘used what fits.’ My thinking is that RGB is not a color scheme, but it is used in computer displays. Thus, it fits as a graphic on the poster. Red is used on the logo to follow ThinkPad design cues. Yellow and white are used to hint at a bee with the hexagonal latticework section representing honeycomb.

Colors: Red, green, blue, yellow, white, black.

Title Font Name & Category: MicroGramma / Sans serif

Copy Font Name & Category:  Memphis Lt / Slab Serif

Word count: 280

Thumbnails of Images used:


CPUintel RAM Intel SSD Raw



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