Gripability: The Oral-B Crossaction Pro-Health has a significantly thicker handle than the others with rubber grips, making it noticeably more easy to grip and nicer to hold and manipulate without slipping.

Bristle Density: More bristles seems to be better so long as they are making contact with the teeth, though the Oral-B Pulsar Pro Health makes up for this with vibration that makes the relatively sparse bristles feel like more, in addition to helping reach cracks where more bristles would keep the brush head out of uneven surfaces depending on the arrangement.

Bristle Contact: The Oral-B Crossaction Pro-Health seems to have more bristles in contact with the teeth at any given time than the other brushes. The Colgate 360 Total Advanced has terrible contact and splayed bristles due to two raised half moon patterns on the edge that seem to prevent good contact with the remaining, now less useful, bristles.


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