Full Album: https://goo.gl/photos/sVyHUhgeZU4qRchb6

Images: Auto 50MP Interpolated (ColorOS), Photoshop RAW, Photoshop RAW, Auto

Tools: OnePlus One, 13MP, f/2.0, ColorOS & Stock App (CyanogenOS Camera), Adobe Camera RAW

Copyleft: RAW .DNG files are included in many of these albums. You are free to use, create derivative works of, print, distribute, and republish these photos and files, provided you pass along the same freedom concerning said derivative works, prints, redistributed copies, etc. Please credit “Stevenswall” and link back to the album or post.

Editing: Developed using the Adobe tool to process the RAW images. Some white balancing with vibrancy and contrast bumps. Highlights taken down as necessary to prevent blown whites.

The top left image is approximately 50MP, shot on a port of ColorOS, the ROM used on OPPO devices in Asia, and notably on the OnePlus One in the United States. This app allows an incredibly amount of detail in good lighting conditions, as it takes 10 photos, selects the four sharpest, and stitches them together. Due to the small amount of sensor and pixel shift while this is happening, a photo taken like this will, even scaled back down to the native resolution, contain more detail overall and less moire in repeating patterns.


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