Full Album: https://goo.gl/photos/7BKGqWywLvCMWN958

Images: Auto, RAW developed, pseudo-HDR, pseudo-HDR grayscale

Tools: OnePlus One, 13MP, f/2.0, Stock App (CyanogenOS Camera)

Copyleft: RAW .DNG files are included in many of these albums. You are free to use, create derivative works of, print, distribute, and republish these photos and files, provided you pass along the same freedom concerning said derivative works, prints, redistributed copies, etc. Please credit “Stevenswall” and link back to the album or post.

Editing: Snapseed developed RAW images, in addition to a pseudo-HDR processed images.

Best attempt on the top right, deciding to increase structure in Snapseed to bring more of the cloud texture in from the sky. Shadows were brought up to recover some of the darker areas on the rusted tracks, and contrast was bumped to prevent the mountain slope on the left and the distant, center mountain from blending too much with the sky.

Pseudo HDR processing is used on the bottom two, though increased noise is present in order to sharply define and saturate the clouds. Grayscale on the second gave things a more forgiving feel as an “old poster”style where noise wasn’t as distracting as the multi-toned speckling present in the others.



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